Packless Packless MOOC

Packless MOOC

Specific objectives of MOOC:
1.Provide VET learners (SME & Partners’ organisations’ leaders & staff alike) with an attractive digital learning solution (a MOOC) that will engage & inspire them to search for & demand from their suppliers sustainable packaging solutions hence leading to the transformation of the business model of their organisations that is supported by individual beliefs & sustainable behaviours.
2.Inspire & initiate the process of creating change agents & supporters of sustainable transformation in SMEs by engaging SME owners, leaders & employees in the process of design & development of digital educational tool.
3.Provide VET educators with a digital solution to support building environmental awareness; a solution that is attractive to learners & is fully capable of supporting behavioural changes & ready to be used in sustainability building VET education. Developing ecological awareness throughout an organisation is a premise on which sustainability can be built; even the most elaborately planned changes will not lead to transformation without the support of each & every employee working in the organisation; the change to happen within the organisation will require the transformation of the business environment (suppliers’, customer’ habits & preferences atc). For that purpose SME & Partner organisation’s employees & leaders need to become active change agents for sustainable development. The activities of this WP will rely & take into consideration results of WP 2 – report on the competency gaps & sustainability awareness & competencies developed by Partners as well as competencies of developing VET educational tools to support sustainable behaviours development.

Main results of MOOC:

A complete digital learning tool: MOOC with modular curriculum structure (syllabus) in EN,PL,DE,BG to be used by SME owners and VET providers for educating SME staff & leaders responsible for the packaging & procurement, distribution & logistics. It will be an interactive resource centre, with information & inspiration on zero waste packaging (standards, legislation, literature, good practices, methods, tools etc). Each learning unit will consist of a unique set of learning outcomes, defined in terms of knowledge, skills & competencies, which can be assessed & validated in a consistent & coherent approach.