Packless Partners




The accredited, private university of applied sciences (FHM) was founded in 2000 by medium-sized companies for medium-sized companies. It prepares students for professional specialist and management activities in Germany and abroad through application-oriented teaching and studies. The successes of the graduates stand for the training concept of the FHM: close to practice and compact in knowledge transfer. The students are taught well-founded scientific knowledge and methods that enable them to perform outstanding tasks in the – especially medium-sized – economy and in society.


PAIZ Konsulting Sp. z o.o. has been providing training services for adults learners and small, medium and large organisations since 1997 focusing on solutions enhancing knowledge increase and effective change implementation in skills, behaviours and attitudes on individual level as well as organisational. PAIZ has served almost 10 000 adult learners from Poland and other European countries who participated in its educational events.

PAIZ’s trainers are partners of the international training company WILSON LEARNING,, operating in 31 countries worldwide. PAIZ is also a partner and sole representative in Poland of the international training company Barnes and Conti,

Since 1997 PAIZ has significant experience in administering grants from European Structural Fund (for human resource development), European Social Fund (6 project on adult education on national level) and LifeLond Learning and Erasmus Plus (as a leader in one project and partner in several projects).

PAIZ was the Leader/Coordinator of Erasmus+ Project “Extended Learning Support System (ELSS)” which resulted in creation of an online system supporting the implementation of skills into the workplace through pre learning, learning and post learning tasks.

PAIZ has a multidisciplinary team of 7 people and a large network of external experts.

Fundacja Ekopotencjał – Przestrzeń Możliwości was founded in 2013 to implement activities on ecological education, environmental protection and development. It was formed by a group of graduates of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences of the University of Wroclaw who have professional experience in environmental protection, ecological education, tourism and spatial management. All members of the Foundation are convinced that through education and an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to environmental problems, their solutions can be applied. Our mission is to show the „eco-potential” of the environment that surrounds us, therefore the Foundation focuses on initiating and supporting social activities, creating projects based on the potential of the natural environment and resources. We also implement projects for the development of various ideas or facilities that have an impact on improving the quality and standard of living in urban areas.

YAMBOL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRYYCCI is the most experienced & well-known regional chamber in south-east Bulgaria. Its regular work includes support, promotion, representation & internationalization of the business of its regular members – 960 industrialists, manufacturers,
retailers, academic bodies, research institutions. It provides integrated solutions by capitalizing knowledge & experience from EU & national funded projects in the field of the entrepreneurial field, focusing on supporting firms with the potential to innovate & grow internationally, regardless of their age or sector, but also providing tailored services to start-ups & scaleups. Its activities involve training & support provisions for SMEs in its own licensed centre for professional training in 37 up to-date & innovative professions, business consultants & advisers, entrepreneurs & prospect entrepreneurs, employer training schemes. It holds extensive experience & expertise in mobilizing communities, building & activating networks, designing, managing & implementing large-scale B2B events. It affirmed its position as a leading organization in support of the cross-border business cooperation between Bulgaria – Greece, Turkey & the Black Sea region, with over 15 European projects on ecology & innovation. YCCI was part of the Bulgarian consortium – Euro Info Centers BG since 1999 & afterwards it started hosting the Enterprise Europe Network since its very beginning in 2008 & it has achieved a wide expert capacity. Its work in EEN provides the outreach & expert potential in 52 countries, reaching not only countries in Europe & networking opportunities to more than 700 expert working worldwide. YCCI is focusing its strength on providing services to SMEs for internationalization( development of market access advice & matchmaking services), basic advisory services, consultations on regulatory requirements, advanced advisory services, general innovation support for SMEs services, advice on access to finance to help businesses innovate & grow international, resilience & sustainability related advisory services.

OSTERREICHISCHES OKOLOGIE-INSTITUT– The Austrian Institute of Ecology (AIE) was founded in 1985 as a non-profit, non-governmental research organisation and runs two offices in Vienna and Bregenz. Up to 25 employees from different disciplines work on innovative strategies in the field of sustainable development. The target of the AIE lies in the integration of social and environmental aspects into business and consumption activities. In cooperation with partners from municipalities, organisations and companies interand transdisciplinary research projects and consulting activities are performed. Because of its versatile profile, the AIE is able to target the specific needs of its clients in the following fields: Urban and Regional Development; Environmental Assessment, Resource Management and Waste Minimization, Green Procurement, Development of sustainable products and services; Green Event Management, Information and Participation and Society, Science and Technology. The Institute holds valuable experience in the field of sustainable packaging through countless research and application projects and consulting activities. Communicating research and best-practices towards businesses and policy makers is part of the organization’s core capabilities. Due to its long-term expertise built up in the development of sustainable solutions on institutional and product or productservice system level, AIE brings in competences on methods, tools and criteria for the assessment of the sustainability performance crucial for the evaluation of packaging practices. The AIE founded the ASCB – Austrian Sustainable Building Council that is an independent non-profit organisation located in Vienna together with a number of renowned and independent institutions in the field of sustainable building ( The multidisciplinary team members are certified consultants for the EcoBusiness Plan Vienna –
The Environmental Service Package of the City of Vienna.