Packless Results


A. Build environmental & climate-change awareness to encourage SME leaders & staff to actively look for innovative, sustainable packaging solutions bringing value to their organisations & their business environment at the same time.
B. Develop SME leaders & staff competencies (with innovative tools & practical processes) allowing them to start changes and become true agents of sustainable change in their organisations
C. Develop VET educators sustainability competencies & equip them with ready made curricula, best practice examples & tools to support the adaptation of their training offers to SME leaders & staff needs to develop the skills and habits needed in the area of sustainability competencies development A-B linked to horizontal priority by involving target groups in project activities leading to development of solutions that will not only build engagement & awareness but also lead to work oriented sustainability competencies development in SMEs. C-D offer innovative & engaging teaching & learning approaches for VET educators, SME learners & leaders. VET providers will be equipped with a tool, knowledge & processes to engage SME leaders & VET learners in a process leading to eco awareness change. Leaders as sustainability change agents will be able to start real transformation in their SMEs using project results hence becoming role models for any SME that uses packaging. VET educators will have at their disposal the curricula & innovative & comprehensive educational tool – the MOOC, to teach sustainable work behaviours in an attractive way.

-Increased Partners’ competencies & engagement in at least 2 fields: building sustainable organisatons & designing digital tools based educational solutions for habits development
-Greater awareness in Partner organisations regarding sustainable packaging choices leading to promoting them & aware procurement
-Ignited process of active search for innovative solutions to SME sustainable transformation with Compendium of success stories & dedicated educational package
-MOOC to support sustainability awareness in general & sustainable packaging models in particular & related habits development in the workplace for VET learners; OER in EN,PL,BG,DE for VET educators – a game changer in effective & fun learning & teaching new habits; will allow easy access to a wide range of users increasing SME learners’ motivation to accept sustainable transition of their organisations
-Compendium for SMEs & VET educators with a modular curriculum structure (syllabus) in EN,PL,DE, BG, that can be used.