Supporting SME Sustainable Packaging Transformation

About Packless project

Project objectives

The PackLess Project is Eramus + funded 30-months initiative which supports the implementation of zero waste packaging.

The project follows directly the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 94/62/EC of 20.12.1994 on packaging and packaging waste, which lays down measures aimed at preventing the production of packaging waste and, as additional fundamental principles, at reusing packaging, recycling and other forms of recovering packaging waste and, therefore, at reducing the final disposal of such waste in order to contribute to the transition towards a circular economy.
The project also follows the new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP). With the Action Plan, the Commission is taking a decisive step to transform Europe from a linear economy to a circular economy.

Packless project will deliver:

1. Increased Partners’ competencies & engagement in at least 2 fields: building sustainable organizations & designing digital tools based educational solutions for habits development

2. Greater awareness in Partner organisations regarding sustainable packaging choices leading to promoting them & aware procurement

3. Ignited process of active search for innovative solutions to SME sustainable transformation with Compendium of success stories & dedicated educational package

4. MOOC to support sustainability awareness in general & sustainable packaging models in particular & related habits development in the workplace for VET learners; OER in EN, PL,BG,DE for VET educators – a game changer in effective & fun learning & teaching new habits; will allow easy access to a wide range of users increasing SME learners’ motivation to accept sustainable transition of their organisations

5. Compendium for SMEs & VET educators with a modular curriculum structure (syllabus) in EN, PL,DE, BG, that can be used by VET providers & SME owners & managers for educating SME staff and leaders responsible for the selection of packaging, selection of suppliers, distribution and logistics; it will contain methodology for VET educators to design digital resources- based curricula for green work behaviors development

6. MOOC & Compendium promoted & disseminated in 4 countries through a series of activities online & face-to-face.

The project will be implemented by five partner organizations in four EU countries (Germany, Austria, Poland and Bulgaria).

The Packless Mooc

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aims to serve owners and VET providers by educating SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) staff and leaders responsible for packaging, procurement, distribution, and logistics. It will function as an interactive resource center providing information and inspiration on zero waste packaging, including standards, legislation, literature, good practices, methods, and tools. Each learning unit will have defined learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills, and competencies, which can be assessed and validated consistently.

Predefined sections of the MOOC include:

  1. Gap analysis results: Reports on sustainable packaging, opinions of stakeholders, main problems with packaging waste.
  2. Database: Companies offering sustainable packaging solutions and good practices.
  3. Forum: Exchange of contacts and discussion of ideas.
  4. Training modules: Basic theoretical information, zero waste packaging business models, characteristics of sustainable packaging, packaging design strategies.
  5. Self-testing capabilities.

The development process involves engaging partners, SME leaders, and VET trainers in various activities. Target group representatives will be involved to a greater extent in later stages, fostering a sense of ownership and advocacy for the educational content. Partners anticipate that engagement in MOOC activities will influence SME leaders to make decisions aligned with sustainable development principles.


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8-9 January 2024

26-27.06.2023, TPM PackLess project meeting in Yambol, Bulgaria.