Project news

Partners meeting in Wroclaw

From January 8th to 9th, 2024, Wrocław, Poland played host to a collaborative meeting among the stakeholders of the Packless project. During this gathering, participants engaged in brainstorming sessions to devise effective strategies for promoting sustainable packaging within their organization and conveying this commitment to customers.


Partners meeting in Bulgaria

On 26-27.06.2023, intensive and fruitful work is underway at the TPM PackLess Project meeting in the town of Yambol, Bulgaria. The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss the content of an online training course on eco-friendly packaging, which will be one of the project’s outputs.The meeting is hosted by the Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Partners meeting in Vienna

In the period 24-27 April 2023, the partnership of PackLess Project conducted its first physicial event in Vienna, Austria, hosted by Austrian Institute of Ecology. The event was in the form of workshop aiming to increase the competences of the partners through knowledge sharing and training in 2 main fields: building sustainable organisations & designing digital tools based on educational solutions for habits development. The workshop included presentations on sustainable packaging solutions covering the perspective of the SMEs, clients, general public but also presentation of good practices in this field, in order to be followed as good examples.

The partnership also visited an exhibition in the Vienna Technical Museum in order to get inspiration from materials inspired by nature – for example, self-adhesive tape inspired by the action of gecko’s paws, which can easily stick to any surface.  The workshop was finalised with preliminary pathway which will define the structure of the future Training Platform on Sustainable Packaging, which is one of the most beneficial project result.

Kick off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the project Packless was held in the very begining of December 2022, allowing the partnership to start working on the first project activities.

The meeting was held in the timeframe of one day with representatives of all project partners.

The Lead project partner is Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) (Germany).

The rest of the partnership includes:

– Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Bulgaria)

– PAIZ Konsulting Sp. z o.o. ( Poland)

– Ekopotencjał ( Poland)

– The Austrian Institute of Ecology (Austria)

The partnership has started working on the research phase of the project in order to identify the gaps, problems, obstacles that SMEs has, not to transfer to sustainable packaging in their business.