Project results

In search for sustainable packaging

Throughout these initiatives, we will identify the needs and competency gaps among leaders of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with respect to the sustainable transformation of packaging. This will be accomplished through a comprehensive approach, involving focus group interviews and surveys conducted with 100 SME owners and their staff.

Furthermore, our efforts will extend to enhancing the capabilities of our partners’ staff and Vocational Education and Training (VET) trainers. This will take place during the Knowledge Sharing and Training event, focusing on advancing competencies in two key areas: establishing sustainable organizations and crafting digital tools rooted in educational solutions for habit development.

PackLess MOOC

The PackLess Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is designed to bolster awareness of sustainability, specifically focusing on sustainable packaging models and fostering workplace habit development among Vocational Education and Training (VET) learners. Our Open Educational Resources (OER) are available in English, Polish, Bulgarian, and German for VET educators, serving as a transformative element in making learning and teaching new habits both effective and enjoyable. This initiative aims to provide easy access to a diverse audience, thereby enhancing motivation among SME learners to embrace the sustainable transformation of their organizations.

Compendium of success stories and dedicated educational package

Work Package 4 is dedicated to delivering the comprehensive PackLess Compendium tailored for SME leaders and owners. This invaluable resource encompasses:

  • Real-Life Practices: An assortment of sustainable packaging practices within the sector, detailing successful transformation paths, benefits, challenges, and red flags.
  • Decision-Making Criteria: Criteria aiding in the selection of the optimal starting point for sustainable packaging transformation, addressing competency gaps identified in Work Package 2.
  • PackLess MOOC-Based Curriculum: A ready-made curriculum for the PackLess Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), complete with learning objectives, presentations, videos, and activities suitable for both online and classroom training events. It includes activity forms, group worksheets, and scenarios.
  • Digital Tool-Based Curricula: Several curricula leveraging digital tools for the development of sustainable organizations.
  • Methodology for VET Educators: A comprehensive guide empowering VET educators to develop digital-resource-based curricula, enabling them to educate and inspire VET learners to actively contribute to sustainable changes.
  • Knowledge Unit on Sustainable Packaging.

This includes predefined content covering crucial aspects:
Understanding sustainable packaging and its profitability for any company.
Measures and tools for sustainable transformation.

Requirements for successfully implementing a sustainable packaging model, including financial considerations.
Critical success factors in organizational culture, technology, and information.
Practical examples illustrating the implementation of a sustainable packaging model in an SME.

Regulatory aspects, focusing on EU requirements for waste prepared for reuse and recycling, with a timeline perspective (2025 & 2030).